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Ezy Retaining Walls Terms & Conditions.

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Parties to the terms of use agreement

Viewers, Visitors, Subscribers, Users, Affiliates, Customers, or Members, collectively referred to herein as “You”, “Visitors” are parties to this agreement. The website and its operators and/or owners are parties to this agreement, herein referred to as “Website.”


Copyright infringement

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Disclaimer for contents of Ezy Retaining Walls

Ezy Retaining Walls makes every effort to include only the most up to date information in all of its articles, text content and sales information. However, Ezy Retaining Walls assumes no responsibility for checking the veracity of each and every article regularly. Visitors are cautioned to use common sense and their own research whenever they read anything on this website. Ezy Retaining Walls takes no responsibility for those individuals who are taking information from current or past clients and applying that information as they interpret it.


Malware and virus

Although Ezy Retaining Walls makes every effort to prevent malware from infesting the website, it claims no responsibility for any corrupting code which may be inadvertently passed on to visitors or to anyone its visitors come into contact with as a result of visiting the Ezy Retaining Walls website or any pop-ups associated with it. This disclaimer includes simple online interaction with the website itself, any and all pop-up windows which may appear in connection with the website and any and all content visitors download from the website.


Limitation of liability and release

Visitors who use this website in any way or who interact with its banners, advertising or any other aspect associated with this website waive all right to claims of damage of any kind. You agree to hold Ezy Retaining Walls harmless in the event that particular facility or service is unavailable for any reason. You expressly release and indemnify Ezy Retaining Walls its employees, agents and representatives from any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action, whatsoever, to you or your property arising out of, or connected with the use of the services and/or facilities offered by Ezy Retaining Walls its employees, representatives, agents and officers.


Handling of disputes

In the case of any claim brought about by any visitor for any reason, binding arbitration will be the only course of action. All visitors, customers and viewers waive any right to trial by judge or jury for any and all claims. The arbitration will be conducted in full compliance of the rules set forth by the Australian – domestic Commercial Arbitration Acts or International Arbitration Amendment Act, 2010. Any and all hearings or other meetings will take place in a location and at a time determined by Ezy Retaining Walls.


Contact information

Ezy Retaining Walls (Registered Business Name) is owned and operated by Telsa Trading Pty Ltd located in Australia. We can be contacted by going to our contact page. Ezy Retaining Walls also offers a free newsletter for customers who sign up using their email address. Ezy Retaining Walls never sends spam.