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Affordable Super Strong Panel and Post Retaining Walls

“We will price match and beat any other written quote on our posts and panels”

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Why use Ezy retaining walls?

We’ve been in the business of making retaining walls in Perth for over 23 years. During that time, we have developed a reputation of professionalism and quality that is unmatched.

“We are Perth’s number 1 supplier of affordable, high quality retaining walls”

We manufacture pre-cast concrete panel and post retaining walls from our factory in Bassendean, Perth WA.

Ezy retaining walls have been installed all over the Perth metropolitan area and we regularly send our retaining walls to WA country towns.

Our walls are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications often replacing termite infested sleepers and other failed retaining walls.

Our walls are durable, maintenance free and will not fade or discolour over time. Our Ezy retaining walls are competitively priced, being the most affordable in Perth.

We have the right posts and panels for your DIY wall or if installation is required we will arrange a fully qualified, experienced installer to give you a free on-site quote.

You can pick up our retaining walls from our factory or we can deliver to your address.

Call us now for a free quote: 0417 098 302

Ezy retaining walls can be used for :

  • Retaining heights up to 1.5m
  • Retaining where space is limited
  • Terracing
  • Steps and ramps
  • Garden edging

We will price match and beat any written quote on our products

  • We offer the most affordable and competitively priced retaining walls in Perth. We will price match and beat any other written quote on our posts and panels.
  • We offer the best value for money anywhere in Australia for retaining walls.

Outstanding wall strength and hardness

  • The compressive strength and hardness rating of our walls is independently laboratory tested at regular intervals to maintain consistency in design strength.
  • The industry hardness rating standard is 40 MPa, ours is over 60 MPa. Which is 50% harder and stronger than most other retaining wall systems in Perth.
  • We guarantee a premium product, using steel reinforcing rods throughout our posts and panels for increased strength.

Great look of limestone

  • Our limestone panel design has a distinct look of quality and finish.
  • Our cream limestone pattern panels are our most popular design. They are an exact print of natural limestone blocks.
  • We also sell smooth creme panels that give a clean, elegant look.

Low cost panel and post retaining wall system

  • Our wall system is a great low cost alternative to expensive brick and limestone walls.
  • We have posts in a variety of sizes, depending on the height of the retaining wall you wish to install.
  • The panels and posts are all steel reinforced.
  • The posts come in varying lengths to cater for walls ranging in height from 250mm to 1.5m
  • The panels can be smooth cream or cream with a limestone pattern.
  • Ezy retaining walls are strong, durable and maintenance free
  • Ezy retaining walls are especially suited to DIY. The distance between posts is 1.2m, therefore the panels are shorter and lighter to handle. More posts mean a stronger wall.
  • The cost is generally cheaper than other forms of retaining walls.
  • Minimal space is required to install Ezy retaining walls.

Ezy to assemble and install

  • Our wall system is quick and easy to install. Our posts and panels are light weight to manage.
  • Our walls are ideal for DIY. If you’re planning DIY, then please read our simple DIY installation instructions by clicking here.
  • Or if you prefer we can arrange installation with one of our highly skilled recommended installers who have an outstanding reputation for their efficiency, knowledge and ability.

Durable, weather proof and termite resistant

  • Our walls have been designed to easily withstand the harsh outdoor elements. They are weather proof and will not fade or warp.
  • Our walls are maintenance free, termite resistant and ideal for most soil environments.
  • Our walls offer longevity and will look great for many years to come.

Engineered design

  • All Ezy retaining walls posts and panels are manufactured to meet engineering specifications by Structerre consulting engineers.
  • Our walls also comply with the current Australian Retaining Wall Standards Guarantee and are shire approved by local authorities.

Fast professional service

  • We have been recognised throughout the building industry for consistently delivering exceptional service quality.
  • We respond fast to your phone calls, emails or faxes.
  • Our company motto is to constantly strive for service excellence and achievement.

Large supply of stock on hand

  • We carry a large supply of our manufactured walls and panels at all times in our factory.
  • So that means no waiting for pick up or delivery of materials.

We offer super fast delivery or pick-up from our factory

  • You can pick the walls up from our factory or we can arrange delivery.
  • We offer a super-fast delivery service.
  • Our delivery drivers are highly experienced, reliable and professional. We ensure your order is securely and safely packed on our truck.
  • Once we arrive at your site we use a bob cat to put your panels specially where you need it installed.